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CGC Challenge: February 9th - February 23rd

The Challenge

Option 1a: Choose a Classic Mega Man Level that you love. Analyze what you love about it, and what you think could be better. Then redesign it with those things in mind.

Option 1b: Choose a Classic Mega Man Level that you hate. Try to reverse engineer the goals of the level. What were they trying to teach the player, what enemies and mechanics did they use, why do you dislike the level? Then redesign it so that you like it.

Option 2: If you have never played Mega Man before, or are just not a huge fan, then take a level from a game you do love and recreate it using the tools of Mega Man Maker

The Rules

Teams: No Teams for this project. Solo work only. Maybe next time.

Editor: You must use Mega Man Maker, no other mega man level editors will be accepted.

Due Date: The Challenge Started February 9th at 2:00PM and ends February 23rd 2:00PM


Justin Schwieger

Nicholas DiNapoli

Jeff Underwood


Annotated Maps: You must submit an annotated map of your level design. Make this BEFORE you start the level. You level does not need to match up since you are supposed to itterate your design though testing.

Documentation: Write about your design: Your goals, your workflow, what you like, what you dislike. Examples will be posted next week.

The Level: Luckily we are using Mega Man Maker, all you have to do is upload your level in the editor and then provide the level ID.

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Past Submissions

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